System Engineering & Integration


Paloma Systems experience in the design and integration of complex military and civilian information systems is unsurpassed. Recent engagements include: the Defense Department’s Joint Deployment System (JDS), the Global Command and Control System (GCCS-J), the Environmental Protection Agency’s transition to the Defense Messaging System and the integration of worldwide VTC sites in to the DISN Network for DISA. Paloma's track record extends back to the early days of large DoD systems integration, proving our technical staff have an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced in the integration of new technologies with older systems. Our experience includes:

  • Systems Integration
  • Technical Specifications Development
  • ISO Protocol (Seven-Layer Architecture) Modeling
  • Enterprise Architecture Analysis & Design
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Secure/Survivable Systems
  • Sun Solaris, Linux, Unix OS
  • System Test & Evaluation
  • System Security


Communications Engineering & Installation


The proper application of large scale communications engineering and installation is essential to the success of the technology revolution currently transforming the federal government's business process. Paloma engineers are at the forefront of this revolution, providing the following services:

  • Total System Planning (LAN, WAN & MAN, Voice, VTC)
  • Fiber & Copper Cable Installation and Termination
  • Telecom Processor Configuration & Programming
  • Voice Over IP
  • Video Over IP
  • ISDN Video H320
  • Red/Black Isolation
  • Overall System Test & Acceptance
  • Telecom Equipment VARs
  • Help Desk


WebPage & Database Design & Application

Paloma Systems has a strong track record of designing highly functional websites in both commercial and government environments. We specialize in applying a unique process that allows massive databases to reside behind critical government websites with no negative effect on user feel or processing time. Our services include:

  • WebPage Design & Application
  • Active X, Object X
  • JAVA, JavaScript
  • Database Design & Application
  • MS Access, MS SQL
  • Information Management & Control
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Test & Acceptance
  • Section 508 Compliance Services - Paloma Systems has developed a reputation for providing high quality web-based 508 compliance solutions to a wide variety of government clients. With extensive experience in web design, our engineers are skilled in all areas of 508 compliance including:
    • Developing text Equivalents (e.g. "alt" tags) for Every Non-text Element
    • Synchronized Equivalent Alternatives for any Multimedia Presentation
    • Developing Web Pages so That all Information Conveyed With Color is also Available Without Color, for Example From Context or Markup
    • Organizing Documents so They are Readable Without Requiring an Associated Style Sheet
    • Providing Redundant Text Links for Each Active Region of Server-side Image Maps
    • Providing Client-side Image Maps in Place of Server-side Image Maps Except Where the Regions Cannot be Defined with an Available Geometric Shape
    • Identifying Row and Column Headers for Data Tables
    • Employing Markup to Associate Data Cells and Header Cells for Data Tables
    • Designing Text-only Pages
    • Integrating Assistive Technology to Read Text
    • Integrating Assistive Technology to Allow People Completing on-line Forms to Access the Information, Field Elements, and Functionality Required for Completion and Submission of the Form, Including all Directions and Cues


Program Management Support

Paloma Systems is outstanding in the support of mission-critical Government programs with our Technical Program Management Support Services. Our staff can support a wide range of program office activities including:

  • System Acquisition & Management
  • Financial Management
  • Independent Cost Estimates (ICEs)
  • Spreadsheet/Database Support
  • Configuration Management and Accounting
  • Document Management
  • Graphics Production
  • Data Management
  • Program Scheduling (PERT & GANTT Processes)
  • Technical Documentation Development
  • Evaluation and Reviews
  • Source Selection Support - Paloma engineers average over 25 years of acquisition, procurement and source selection support experience. Our staff has assisted the Government in source selection processes for a wide variety of mission critical DOD acquisitions such as:
    • Conducting Market Surveys
    • Researching Requirements
    • Developing SOW/RFP Documents
    • Task Order Development
    • Evaluators' Handbooks
    • Source Selection Process Evaluation and Execution
    • Source Selection Personnel Management
    • Acquisition Training
    • Industry Day Set-up and Coordination





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